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What is meaning.beauty.whimsy?

Whatever takes my fancy: parenting; art; antiquarian supernatural horror; contemplative faith; programming; philology; unpopular pop music; weird tales; typography; leadership; classic films; design thinking; books; customer delight; my awesome wife, two adorable boys, and beautiful little girl. And maybe, every once and a while, something interesting.

Who is Joshua?

By day: “A creative and engaged leader, at my best wrangling people and projects in pursuit of customer delight and business value.” (That’s what it says on my résumé, and it’s true).

By night (and on weekends): Doting husband and sleep-deprived father of three; collector of hobbies; reader, writer, and thinker; raiser of the dead. (All of that is true except the dead part at the end).

I run two blogs. My personal blog, meaning.beauty.whimsy and the Christian Horror blog. There’s some poetry. Everything else on the site is random collection of technical[1], writing-oriented[2], or otherwise miscellaneous articles.


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