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HTML Entity Codes Test Page

<span class="caps">HTML</span> Entity Codes Test Page

Palette Sample

 —FDF8EA  —54454A  —B08558  —2D6F6D  —B7A960  —D9C89C ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

Tests for common HTML elements

Paragraphs & Inline Markup

This paragraph contains elements. Up first is the anchor tag, which can occur as an <a> a + href, or an <a> a + name, followed by an ABBR with a ...

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HEWEB09 Notes

<span class="caps">HEWEB09</span> Notes
Session notes from HighEdWeb09 ============================== > See also [my conference recap][], > my photos ( > [set 1][], > [set 2][]), > the [conference Flickr set][], > and > [the conference Twitter stream][]. Here, in mostly chronological order, is a big dump in one giant page of all my session notes from HighEdWeb 2009. Most of the ...
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New Blogs

New Blogs
I am not giving up on [Drupal][], but for quick and easy blogs, I have become a huge fan of [Tumblr][]. As a result, I’ve moved the [Christian Horror Blog][] over there and back-ported all the entries, and created new blogs for [Sunam][] and [myself][]. Check ‘em ...
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Three new Christian Horror films (plus one DVD release)

Three new Christian Horror films (plus one <span class="caps">DVD</span> release)
Looks like it is the season for Christian horror films. Here are some trailers: ### The Familiar First, from Miles Hanon (who worked on [*End of the Spear*][] and *[Beyond the Gates of Splendor][]*), comes *[The Familiar][]*. Sam, lonly and bitter after ...
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Divinity in Darkness

Divinity in Darkness
The new issue of [Rue Morgue magazine][] has a cover story about Christian Horror as a genre. The authors talked to a number of people active in the genre including [T.L. Hines][] and [Mike Duran][]. There is a also a nice plug for the [Christian Horror ...
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Jacob Rhys Ellis was born at 8:45PM on Jan 11th. 6lbs 10oz, 20 inches. [Pictures available in the photo gallery][].
[Ellis Updates][]
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Our money is not as cool as your money

Our money is not as cool as your money
The other day we got a \$5 bill back in change, and noticed a big purple numeral 5 on the back. Sunam and I debated for several minutes whether or not it was real currency, then launched into a lively discussion ...
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Michael Bierut Talks Type

Michael Bierut Talks Type
[Terrific video interview with Michael Bierut;][] topics range from Kubrick’s favorite font to the various cover designs of Salinger’s *The Catcher in the Rye*. There is a link below the video to [a companion article from *The Atlantic*][] So I am not a designer ...
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Finally, more pictures of Nolan!

Finally, more pictures of Nolan!
We get many calls and emails with demands for updated pictures. We apologize for depriving fans of The Cuteness of their Nolan fix. We will try to do better in the future. Your wait has finally come to a glorious end, however, as there are ...
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Derrickson in Relevant Magazine

Derrickson in Relevant Magazine
Scott Derrickson, director of [The Exorcism of Emily Rose][], [Hellraiser V: Inferno][], and the upcoming remake of [The Day the Earth Stood Still][], was the subject of a recent article in Relevant Magazine. Most of this territory has been covered before (like [here][], [here][1], and ...
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Modern Worship Music in NYT

Modern Worship Music in <span class="caps">NYT</span>
This is [an article in the New York Times][] about contemporary worship music, praise-rock style, in churches. > It’s all about the heart of worship. God can enjoy a distorted guitar > as well as a clean guitar. Especially when you’re playing it for him ...
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