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The Role of Light

The Role of Light

This past Tuesday at home church it was my turn to present the Phos Hilaron. Sunam TAs on Tuesday, so she walked to hX from school. I was to bring Nolan and dessert. It didn’t go well. We got there late; there was a cooking ...

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My how he grows!

My how he grows!
I can’t believe how quickly Nolan is growing.  It seems like yesterday that Auntie Melissa bought 12-month clothes for Nolan so that he might have them for winter.  How is it that he already fits them, though he is only 6 months old? Sometimes ...
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Contruction work in God’s Kingdom

Contruction work in God’s Kingdom
Over at [InterVarsity Press][], Dan Reid has a blog post about [building the kingdom of God][]. In particular, who exactly is supposed to be building it? Hint: it ain’t us. I think he makes a good point. Read the full article at: And ...
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Like Minds

Like Minds
Periodically I’ll see what else the Web has to offer in the “horror from a Christian worldview” arena. And there usually *isn’t* much new. This last week, though, I came across a few interesting blogs. [All Hallows Eve][], whose author enjoys “fiction that glimpses the mysteries ...
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Finally, my very own blog!

Finally, my very own blog!
I still have some stuff to figure out in order to post here regularly, but once I figure out my thoughts, I will post regularly. Well, that’s my story.
[Sunam’s Blog][]
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Half-birthday Pictures

Half-birthday Pictures
Nolan recently celebrated his half birthday (can you believe it?!), so it’s again time to upgrade his photo album. For post-half-birthday pics visit [Six months through…][] and see how much Nolan (aka The Cuteness) has grown! We realize Nolan’s album had been sadly lacking updates as ...
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Fear and Trembling

Fear and Trembling
A quick shout out to the folks at [Fear & Trembling][], a Webzine of “Christian-friendly” horror. There seems to be a decent mix of original fiction and poetry, and some classic tales of the macabre thrown in as well. As of October ‘07 four issues are available. I ...
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Since you asked…

Since you asked…

Welcome to our world.

If you ever wondered what Sunam and Joshua (and Nolan) are up to, this is the place to find out. You can check out Joshua’s poetry, our views on faith and spirituality, and see what books, music, and movies occupy our time.

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Jesus vs Cthulhu

Jesus vs Cthulhu
![Coach’s Midnight Diner Cover Shot][]
Fresh from the folks over at Relief Journal is the new [*Coach’s Midnight Diner: Jesus Vs. Cthulhu Edition*][]. 276 pages of genre writing — horror stories, weird tales, and hardboiled detective fiction — in a Christian vein. There was also a sample-sized ...
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Audible Religion Education

Audible Religion Education
As I had mentioned a few days ago on [xreal.org][], there are free iTunesU lectures available from [Reformed Theological Seminary][], [Concordia Seminary][], and [Gordon College][]. New this week is [Abilene Christian University][] with lectures on theology, the arts and humanities, media, and science.
Joshua Blog Topics ...
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More pictures

More pictures
Nolan keeps growing, and so does his photo album. See the latest pics in [Nolan: three months through ???][].
[Ellis Updates][]
[Site Updates][]
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Too many pictures of Nolan

Too many pictures of Nolan

We are powerless over Nolan’s cuteness, and the [photo gallery][] had become unmanageable. So it finally happened… we took too many pictures of Nolan.

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