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Christian horror used for anti-Catholic blog post

Christian horror used for anti-Catholic blog post


Total mixed feelings time??? This blog post (Christian Horror: Hiding Fear In The Subtext?) tackles the rightness of Christian horror. I wasn???t even sure about posting it because there is so much in the post that frustrates ??? if I read it correctly, it is at heart a screed against Roman Catholicism. Yet it does serve as a starting point to discuss the intersection of faith and horror.

The bad news is that right out of the gate the author builds a foundation that is completely flawed:

In its truest sense and form, the material is not considered a ???horror??? if it cannot illicit the emotions of fear, disgust, terror, and shock, in whatever way or means it chose to deliver the idea, natural or supernatural alike.

which is a limited view of horror, and

Christian Horror, as it is labelled and defined, is ???safer??? and more acceptable than Mainstream Horror because it has no profanities, violence, and sex, explicit or otherwise, and is based or contains the infinite philosophical and psychological tug of war between good and evil.

which is an even more limited view of Christian horror.

The best parts, in my opinion, are the discussion of fear as an aspect of Christianity, and some thinking about what really should count as Christian horror. The ???fear as an aspect of Christianity??? section is quite extensive, and saddens me a little because it completely misses the ???blessed assurance as an aspect of Christianity??? which goes hand-in-glove with fear. It then moves on to the question of whether films like Constantine, The Exorcist, Dracula, Devil???s Advocate, End of Days, and Rosemary???s Baby are Christian horror. So are they?
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