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Eric Wilson asks, “Is it time for Christian Fiction to die?”

Eric Wilson asks, "Is it time for Christian Fiction to die?"
Today’s link isn’t so much about the *horror* side of Christian Horror as it is about the *Christian* side. Eric Wilson, author of the [Jerusalem’s Undead trilogy][], offers up a challenge on his site. He asks, “Why, as Christian novelists, have we removed ourselves from a place of influence in the ‘marketplace’ of the everyday reader?” The essay reflects Eric’s personal journey as an artist and echoes the sentiments of folks for whom I have a great deal of respect (e.g. the [Christian Realists][], [Hans Rookmaaker][], [Franky Schaeffer][], [Bob Briner][], and [many others][]). Not that Christians need to stop making art for Christians, but they certainly need to get out of the Christian ghetto and, as Wilson suggests, “raise the bar even higher and impact the world around them.”

Read Is It Time For Christian Fiction to Die: A Challenge to Readers, Writers, and Publishers on wilsonwriter.com.

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