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Sacramental Horror Stories at the Huffington Post

Sacramental Horror Stories at the Huffington Post

Rev. Jonathan Weyer ??? author of The Faithful ??? has an article on The Huffington Post about “sacramental horror.”

> Torture porn isn’t humanizing. In fact, it dehumanizes to justify its > glorification of torture. The stories don’t invite discussion about > deeper questions. Torture porn ...
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Holy Terrors — Fortean Times on Christian horror

Holy Terrors — Fortean Times on Christian horror

If we have an openness to religious faith, as I do, then we might treat Christianity???s dalliance with horror as a welcome opportunity to explore spiritual ideas. Certainly, for me, growing up with no church background, horror movies became an unexpected doorway ...

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Interview with Paul Legget — Spirituality in horror films remembered

Interview with Paul Legget — Spirituality in horror films remembered

In this June 2010 interview with Vatican Radio, Paul Leggett (author of Terence Fisher: Horror, Myth and Religion) talks about the difference between old-school Hammer films and Let Me In (an American remake of 2008’s Swedish vampire film Let the ...

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Marsha Hubler on Christian Horror

Marsha Hubler on Christian Horror
Author Marsha Hubler, coordinator of the Susquehanna Valley Writers Conference, looks at the Christian horror genre. It’s new to her. Any Christian horror authors out there wish to comment?
[Read Marsha’s post on her blog ????][]
While you’re at it, [follow Christian Horror ...
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Pre-sales and author lineup for new Coach’s Midnight Diner

Pre-sales and author lineup for new Coach’s Midnight Diner

Somehow I missed this one a couple months ago. The author list for the third Coach’s Midnight Diner is up, and includes Christian horror authors Kevin Lucia and Brian Hatcher. The first two volumes were pretty good, and I ...

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Interview w/ Darlington Woods author Mike Dellosso at ibegat.com

Interview w/ Darlington Woods author Mike Dellosso at ibegat.com

Mike Dellosso, author of Christian horror / suspense novels Darlington Woods, Scream, and The Hunted, shares a little about his background, his inspiration, and how he got started.

[Read the full interview Mike Dellosso interview at iBegat.com ????][]
While you’re ...
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Stuart Hazeldine on Paradise Lost

Stuart Hazeldine on Paradise Lost

Dreadcentral.com interviews Stuart Hazeldine, touching on his new short Exam, which he wrote, directed, produced, and financed. He also talks about the problems with studio backing for two other projects he’s attached to, Scott Derrickson’s Paradise Lost, and Alex Proyas’ Tripods. In ...

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Thrasher review + Spectral Realm

Thrasher review + Spectral Realm

Two quick links today:

First, a great new site called??The Spectral Realm??which looks at religious themes in books, movies, and comics. The last couple of posts have touched on Robin Parrish’s Offworld, the Ghost Rider and Hellraiser franchises, and San Diego ComicCon. Definitely ...

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