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Interview with Paul Legget — Spirituality in horror films remembered

Interview with Paul Legget — Spirituality in horror films remembered

In this June 2010 interview with Vatican Radio, Paul Leggett (author of Terence Fisher: Horror, Myth and Religion) talks about the difference between old-school Hammer films and Let Me In (an American remake of 2008’s Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In, and the first Hammer film in 30+ years).

> [T]he earlier Hammer Films ???came out of a world where Christianity > was being questioned. We live in a world where Christianity is being > ignored??? I think you end up with a very perverted kind of view if > you think that only evil is real.??? >

It was panned and didn’t do so well at the box office, but I thought *Let Me In* was a solid re-envisioning of the story. One of the things I particularly liked was its willingness to acknowledge the existence of evil. In the Swedish original, Eli (the little girl) came across as mostly sympathetic. In the remake, Abby (the little girl) is a monster. Leggett’s point about ignoring Christianity is an interesting one, though. *Let Me In* did not ignore Christianity, but it did not take a favorable view toward it, either. The only overt Christian character in the film was a “Christian hypocrite” caricature: fear and evil clearly trumped faith and redemption.
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