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Like Minds

Like Minds
Periodically I’ll see what else the Web has to offer in the “horror from a Christian worldview” arena. And there usually *isn’t* much new. This last week, though, I came across a few interesting blogs. [All Hallows Eve][], whose author enjoys “fiction that glimpses the mysteries of grace and redemption from our universal human dilemma, and the workings of unseen metaphysical forces.” What a great way to put it. And a nice nod to Charles Williams in the blog name. [Gospel of the Living Dead][], maintained by a hard-core theologian and lover of zombie movies. [The Teeming Brain][], by self-described horror writer, scholar, musician, composer, teacher, and part-time philosopher Matt Cardin. [Theofantastique][], an academic exploration of myths and archetypes and their expression in popular culture. And finally, horror writer [Dan Keohane][] has a blog. His blog has been around for a while, but he is actually posting to it these days. Keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming stories in [Apex][] and [Cemetary Dance][].
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