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Matt Cardin on religion, humanism, Lovecraft, and cosmic horror

Matt Cardin on religion, humanism, Lovecraft, and cosmic horror


Matt Cardin, described as, ???author, scholar, musician, and guerrilla theologian,??? talks to the Lovecraft News Network about his upcoming anthology Dark Awakenings, and about reconciling cosmic horror with humanism.

I???m interested in the idea of a cosmic horror that???s absolute, that nobody could find comfort in or fit into a remotely palatable theological framework??? The bloody drama of human history is justified by the fact that it???s somehow necessary to achieve God???s blissfully perfect result. By contrast, what has long interested me is the speculation that maybe there???s something fundamentally horrific about God or the Ground of Being from the human perspective, that cosmic horror is final and absolute, not provisional.

It is unclear where exactly Cardin stands on these issues, other than to say he is thinking deeply about them:

Note that whenever I talk about these things, I do so hypothetically, in a kind of philosophical hyperspace. I???m not saying I actually believe in this type of cosmic-horrific situation. But I???m not saying I don???t, either.

In any case, it is an interesting read if you???re into these sort of things, and I look forward to his book.
Read the full interview here????

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