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Mike Dellosso on Reaching Hearts Through Horror

Mike Dellosso on Reaching Hearts Through Horror

Mike Dellosso ??? author of Scream, Darlington Woods, and The Hunted ??? has a guest column in Christian Fiction Online Magazine: Reaching Hearts Through Horror

Is it possible that horror can reach people where they are and touch hearts like no other genre can? I say yes… More than any other genre of fiction, horror pits good against evil in the most epic of struggles. And it gives the author freedom to express this dichotomy, this confrontation, in both its extremes. Good at the best the heavenlies has to offer, and evil at the worst the supernatural realm can conjure…  In the darkest parts of the human experience, when the shadows grow black and the way is unseen, where vision fails and strength is lost, where the heart grows weak and courage is a thing sought after but not found, there is light, and where there is light there is always hope.
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