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Pre-sales and author lineup for new Coach’s Midnight Diner

Pre-sales and author lineup for new Coach’s Midnight Diner

Somehow I missed this one a couple months ago. The author list for the third Coach’s Midnight Diner is up, and includes Christian horror authors Kevin Lucia and Brian Hatcher. The first two volumes were pretty good, and I look forward to reading this one. For those unfamiliar, Coach’s Midnight Diner describes itself as:

> [A] hardboiled genre anthology with a Christian slant. No restrictions > on God, no restrictions on reality. Didactic preachy works are > dismissed unceremoniously; we’re looking for high quality works that > are uncompromising in craft, content, and quality. >

And by “hardboiled” they include horror, paranormal, and weird tales… the first volume was called *The Jesus vs. Cthulhu Edition*. 
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