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Three new Christian Horror films (plus one DVD release)

Three new Christian Horror films (plus one <span class="caps">DVD</span> release)
Looks like it is the season for Christian horror films. Here are some trailers: ### The Familiar First, from Miles Hanon (who worked on [*End of the Spear*][] and *[Beyond the Gates of Splendor][]*), comes *[The Familiar][]*. Sam, lonly and bitter after the death of his wife, again faces his childhood demon when his estranged sister-in-law, Laura, reappears. The sexual attraction between the two blinds him to the fact that his demon is taking possession of Laura an is intent on destroying them both…

Visit the movie Web site at [www.FamiliarTheMovie.com][]. ### The Message Next up is [The Message][]. A young wife and mother of two children is challenged to overcome her passive beliefs on religion after a serious car accident. Receiving haunting images of her past she is forced to make a decision that will decide her fate…

### C Me Dance And taking the cake for perhaps the oddest concept is the upcoming Christian horror / ballet flick, [C Me Dance][].

Visit the official site at [www.CMeDanceTheMovie.com][] ### House In related news, the [Dekker][] / [Peretti][] flick [House][] has been released on DVD.

For more information visit [www.HouseTheMovie.net][]. Christian-themed study guide available at [www.HouseMovieGuide.com][].
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