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Contruction work in God’s Kingdom

Contruction work in God’s Kingdom
Over at [InterVarsity Press][], Dan Reid has a blog post about [building the kingdom of God][]. In particular, who exactly is supposed to be building it? Hint: it ain’t us. I think he makes a good point. Read the full article at: And don’t get scared off by the “that way lies [pelagianism][]” line in the first paragraph… it is a pretty readable posting. There is a great [Karl Barth][] quote at the end. A tip of the hat on this one to [Andy over at Think Christian][]. He comments: > Acts of Christian service should be understood as “signs and > anticipations” of God’s Kingdom—important actions, but they do not > themselves constitute the Kingdom, which is God’s alone to bring > about… if you think about it, it’s a pretty important distinction: > is it our job to bring about God’s Kingdom? Does that distinction > change the way we go about doing acts of Christian service (and does > it change the type of service we should focus on)?
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