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Mix Zero—Songs That Make Me Happy; or The Stuff I Meant To Send

Mix Zero—Songs That Make Me Happy; or The Stuff I Meant To Send

Track[1],[2] Listing[3]

  1. _ Bone Chaos In The Castle_ by Kaki King4 (2:28)
  2. _ Club Thing_ by Yoav (4:26)
  3. _ When Water Comes to Life5_ by Cloud Cult (3:48)
  4. _ Friends and Enemies_ by Tub Ring (3:28)
  5. _ The Salmon Dance6,7_ by The Chemical Brothers (3:39)
  6. _ Nobody_ by Skindred8 (3:56)
  7. _ Kidnap the Sandy Claws9,10_ by Korn11 (3:37)
  8. _ His Truth Is Marching On12_ by Mike Doughty13 (3:37)
  9. _ The Lotus Eaters_ by Dead Can Dance14 (6:42)
  10. _ Skudrinka_ by Corvus Corax (5:04)
  11. _ Caravan15_ by Sir Julian (3:32)
  12. _ Blessed Feet_ by The Tord Gustavsen Trio16 (6:07)
  13. _ Tintinnamputation_ by Xploding Plastix17 (4:26)
  14. _ Queen B_18 by Puscifer19 (3:56)
  15. _ Euchari20_ by Garmarna21 (4:21)
  16. _ Done With Everything, Die For Nothing22_ by Children Of Bodom (3:31)
  17. _ Three Treasures_ by Therion23 (5:21)
  18. _ Will You Follow Me?_ by Rob Dougan24 (3:50)
  19. _ Popular_ from the Wicked original Broadway cast recording (3:46)


  1. Kaki King did the acoustic guitar work on August Rush. And she’s like twelve years old or something.

  2. This is the type of “unpopular pop” that really floats my boat. Good arrangements, interesting melodies, funky lyrics. Listen through it once. Then listen to it again paying attention to the lyrics, and keep in mind that the guy who wrote the song lost his two-year-son about seven years ago, and has spent the last several years writing hundreds of songs as catharsis. Pretty poignant. Cloud Cult’s music is a mixed bag… about a third of it I’m only okay with, another third I don’t care for at all, and the other third is genius.

  3. Explicit

  4. This is totally like one of Nolan’s favorite songs… only he gets to hear the censored version they used for the video.

  5. One-hit wondersc, kind of. They had two decent tracks on their CD, they were on Conan O’Brien like five years ago, and I haven’t heard anything from them since. But I love the tight reggae / Brazilian metal groove.

  6. From Nightmare Revisited, an uneven collection of the music from Nightmare Before Christmas performed by various bands.

  7. This particular song brings me endless delight. Not only was it one of my favorite numbers from Nightmare Before Christmas, but this particular arrangement capitalizes on everything I like about Korn without indulging in any of the things I don’t like about Korn.

  8. Thanks for the writing music CD, by the way.

  9. This one was going to be the centerpiece of one of these mix discs (cf note 1), tentatively entitled Jesus Juiced: or, my favorite all-time gospel music hitse

  10. Formerly of Soul Coughing

  11. You probably already know this one… it was a track from the unfinished album before they broke up. Put out on the box set, and then the greatest hits CD that came out before the un-broke-up to go on tour. IMHOf one of their best tracks ever.

  12. Caravan is one of my favorite standards. This particular arrangement, from The History of Space Age Pop, Volume 1: Melodies and Mischief is pretty ridiculous. I just adore it.

  13. One of the artists who kicked off this whole inner monologue about, “why don’t I talk to John about music any moreg? This is a great album. I think he’d love it.” The Tord Gustavsen Trio plays original piano jazz. Meticulously performed, and infinitely listenable. They have three albums that I’m aware of, and all three are just solid. One of my favorite finds of the last few years.

  14. From the album Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents. This is just a crazy good album if you like the jazz / sample / remix instrumental thing. Really unique in that it doesn’t blow chunks as most albums in that vein do. Another track from this album, Sports, Not Heavy Crime, will be the opener to the mix disc of noir-ishh music (if it ever gets made).

  15. Indisputably the greatest homage to junk in da’ trunk in the history of recorded music.

  16. One of Maynard’si side projects. Tim Alexanderj played drums on some of the tracks. The CD is only okay. Couple good numbers, couple not so good.

  17. This is a Swedish rendition of Hildegard von Bingen’s poem O Euchari In Leta Via. A rough English translation of the original Latin goes, “Eucharius! you walked blithely when you stayed with the Son of God, touching him, watching his miracle-working. You loved him with a perfect love when terror fell on your friends.” According to Google, a rough English translation of the Swedish version goes, “The sun’s warmth trickled into me like the fragrance of balm. All moving things breathe steadily sweeping across the ground. Your hands reach out for me in the heat of our longing.”

  18. A traditional Nordic folk/trip-hop group. I think they broke up, but their albums Vittrad, Guds Spelemän, and Vedergällningen are pretty good.

  19. Probablyk Explicit. The guys shred.

  20. This is just silly. But it makes me smile every time I hear it.

  21. An artist who will also to be featured on the noirl CD. Don’t know who this guy is, really, only that he put out one CD a few years back. And some of his music was used in The Matrix. I feel this particular piece, though simple, is lovely and full of hope.

End Notes

b. Like that.

c. Oh, so were a couple other ones. Like Club Thing and Friends and Enemies. The rest of the Yoav CD wasn’t my cup of tea, but Club Thing is just a killer. Don’t know anything about _Tub Ring_… that one was part of a record company sampler. Great tune, though.

d. Still working on some of the titles

e. Other tentative discs in the series include: Vitamin Enhanced: or, My Favorite Ozric Tentacles; X-Ray Specs: or, Novelty Tunes; Do Over: or, Cover Songs Not Of Beatles Tunes; The Black: or, Soundtrack From An Imaginary Film Noir; Integers: or, Songs About Numbers; and Pink Means I Hate Breast Cancer: or, My Favorite Love Songs.

f. In My Humble (but deadly accurate) Opinion.

g. The answer, of course, was that I wasn’t talking much to anyone in the family… well, that, and we moved 800 miles away, which made getting together for dinner on Friday nights and shooting the breeze somewhat problematic.

h. See end note e.

i. From Tool.

j. Herb the Ginseng Drummer from Primus.

k. Probably because frankly I don’t understand what they are saying. But they sound like the type of band to have explicit lyrics.

l. See note 17 _sub._

  1. The original idea was to burn all the great new music I’ve heard but hadn’t sent youb because we don’t talk about music that much any more. That turned out to be like 20 CDs, so I started to organize it, and a couple years creating theoretical mix CDs. Which wasn’t accomplishing my goal of sending you new music. So finally I decided to just get one out of the way in case none of the others materialize.  ↩

  2. This was tough, by the way, because even a representative sampling of what I’ve been listening to & liking over the past few years was more than one CD. So this is like a greatest hits of songs that make me smile every time I hear them.  ↩

  3. So but like this is actually at least the third version of this CD as songs moved in and out to get the flow right. Artists who were part of this mix at one time but got bumped, or who I wanted to include (some of whom you know, some you probably don’t) but couldn’t squeeze in include: Greg Garing, The Tea Party, The Reverend Horton Heat, Muse, Mason Proffit, Juno Reactor, Rufus Wainwright, They Might Be Giants, Steven Delopoulos, Zoar, and Eleven. If the other CDs ever get made, you’ll hear them.  ↩

  4. These notes are pretty specifically directed toward my brother. So references to “you” mean “my brother John.”  ↩