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My how he grows!

My how he grows!
I can’t believe how quickly Nolan is growing.  It seems like yesterday that Auntie Melissa bought 12-month clothes for Nolan so that he might have them for winter.  How is it that he already fits them, though he is only 6 months old? Sometimes I can’t wait for Nolan to reach the next developmental milestone.  I am eager to roll a ball back and forth, see him get up on all fours, and hear him say “mama”.  On the other hand I feel like he is growing up too fast.  Its overwhelming to see his “clothes that no longer fit pile” grow, upgrade his carseat, and think about solid foods. Joshua and I struggle to remember life without Nolan.  Parenthood is exhausting, but we wouldn’t have life any other way right now.  We love Nolan in a way we couldn’t have imagined.  We have that parental pride where we believe Nolan to be the most amazing, adorable, incredible child in the world (Duh.  Because he *is*.). I’m going to try and appreciate every day I am blessed by Nolan and get in as many hugs as I can before he is too cool for them.  I still have a few years left, right?  
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