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RedDot blog posting — Adopt Content in Clipboard

RedDot blog posting — Adopt Content in Clipboard

Shameless self-promotion. New post to the Unofficial RedDot CMS blog by yours truly about using the Adopt Content in Clipboard function from SmartTree.

Have you ever come across a feature in RedDot that has been there forever, but you’d never used it before? Then you “discover” it and think, “if only I’d known about this earlier, it would have saved so much time…” This is one of those. We discovered the Adopt Content in Clipboard action menu item. Nothing groundbreaking — you may already be using Adopt Content in Clipboard on a regular basis. And it doesn’t make the process completely painless, but it is much faster than copying the content manually.

Read the full article here: http://www.reddotcmsblog.com/adopt-content-in-clipboard